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At RMS+W, we know your overall experience is highly dependent on the equipment available, which is why we took our boat selection very seriously. For our skiers, we offer a 2015 Nautique 200. This boat is equipped with a 6.2-liter motor to ensure it has all the power the high altitude demands. It is propped specifically for the best ski wake available at all different rope lengths and has the newest version of Zero Off Technology. The Nautique 200’s are built for fun, clean skiing experiences at any ability level, we are extremely proud to have this boat in our fleet.

Red Ski boat


We are excited to welcome the 2014 Axis A20 to the RMSW family! This boat brings the versatility we need at the lake and offers phenomenal wake conditions for all levels of wakeboarding and surfing. Equipped with surf gates, drop wedge and a strong ballast system RMS+W now has the right wake boat to take you to the next level and or provide the wake driven pull you are looking for.

wake boat