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Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 15 minutes or 1 hour sessions

Clock Time of day: Morning, afternoon, or evening

Ski + Wake Sets
15-Minute Set
1 Hour Set


Enjoy 15 minutes or 1 hour of any of our activities!


RMS+W’s 15 minute sets are suited for individual beginner, novice and expert waterskiers/wakeboarders/wakesurfers, with a staff of highly qualified drivers and coaches, expect to learn something new in every pass! Book a single set or multiple, just be sure to allow for ample recovery time between sets.

Our 1 hour sets are ideal for the whole family! A full hour accommodates everyone’s differing skill levels, making sure experts get their passes and beginners receive the time and coaching necessary to progress.

Water skiing: RMS+W offers all levels of skiing behind one of the industry’s best ski boats.

  • Novice – If you are new to the sport come water ready, we have the gear. Our staff will provide instruction, set up proper equipment, and be the first to cheer you on.
  • Intermediate – For intermediate skiers, we have open water skiing, mini-course skiing, and full slalom course skiing available.  Come prepared for the instruction and guidance to take your skiing to the next level. We have intermediate level gear available or feel free to bring your own.  Also, check out our schedule of clinics available throughout the season
  • Competitive – For the competitive level water skiers, expect a perfect tow behind our 2015 Nautique 200 ski boat with the latest Zero Off technology.  Our staff has experience pulling all levels of course skiing. We are happy to offer equipment set up support, coaching and an overall epic experience to keep you tournament ready.

Wakeboarding: If you are looking for a fantastic wake to board behind, RMS+W will deliver.  With our wake focused boat and equipment and instruction for all levels, we promise an exceptional wakeboarding experience.

  • Novice – If you are looking to try wakeboarding for the first time, or second, come water ready and we’ll provide all the instruction and gear needed.
  • Intermediate – For intermediate wakeboarders, we have the boat and equipment to ramp up the wake allowing you to continued progress on your tricks. – We do recommend bringing your own helmet if you plan to attempt tricks. Please check out our calendar of events for specific clinics and events offered for wakeboarders!!
  • Competitive – For competitive level wakeboarders we can dial the boat to your “just right” settings, offer coaching advice to land your next trick or just give you the right pull to refine the specific tricks you are working on.

Wake Surfing: At RMS+W you are definitely looking for the W!  If you are looking to try wake surfing for the first time or if you are capable of riding without the rope, we have the wake and equipment for you. Come prepared for a great time, wake surfing is a great sport for all ages with a lot less exposure for injury and soreness the next day.

Tubing: For a fun time behind the boat with extreme thrills or a relaxing stroll tubing is for you.  Come water ready and let our drivers know what kind of ride you are looking for as well as your comfort level in the water.


  • We provide life jackets, skis, boards, tubes, and ropes.
  • Please bring with you a towel, lots of sunscreen, plenty of water, your bathing suit, and a smile.

Please plan on a park entry fee of $10/vehicle. Season passes available at gate and online.