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Single Ski Tournament
Wakeboard Tournament

Wakeboard Tournament:

We are excited to announce that RMSW will be hosting a wakeboard competition! Never competed before? This is a great chance to start. Seasoned veteran? Come out and show your skills! We plan to have four divisions—amateur, open, women’s, and <13. Prizes will be awarded to top finishers in each division. Each participant will get 4 passes to show off their stuff!

Spectators are welcome too—whether you’ve been to RMSW one time or 100 times, our goal is to bring together the Colorado wakeboard community and kick off the season with a bang. Make some new friends, ride some glassy waters, and share the stoke of the sport we all love.

Tournament Date:


Ski Tournaments:

The Friday tournament series is for all ages and ability levels of slalom skiers. Our goal is to introduce skiers to the sport and to the world of tournament water skiing in a fun, social, and non-intimidating way. There will be games and prizes at each tournament and overall cumulative winners for the season.

Each skier is guaranteed 4 attempted passes. If you fall or miss a buoy that does not mean the skiing is over. Gates are not mandatory and scoring will be based on which color buoy the skier goes around. Only when the skier completes all 6 orange buoys does the boat speed up or rope get shorter. More in-depth rules will be presented at the tournament. There is a limited number of participants so book yours now!

Tournament Dates:

June 21
July 12
August 16